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Belt For Cable Industry ( Caterpillar Belt )

     Caterpillar Belts are extensively used in Pipe Excrusion and Cable industries for better performance. These Caterpillar Belts are widely recognized for excellent flexibility, optimum grip and premium friction with excellent abrasion resistance.


Caterpillar Belts for Cable Industry

Cable Industries:

In Cable Industries, extruded cables are passed between two Flat Caterpillar Belts and subsequently forwarded into rolls for end-use application.

PVC Pipe Industries:

In Pipe Excursion Industries, extruded PVC Pipes are passed between two dual-sided grooved caterpillar belts and subsequently forwarded into rolls for end-use application.

For these industries we provide multiple hardness as per the requirement.

     NBR Material has been used on these Caterpillar Belts with a 2 layer of Polyamide Film. These Caterpillar Belts are acknowledged for hardness of 80 shore and available in 20mm thickness.

Flat 20mm Nylon Endless Belt  Flat Belt for Cable Industry

Main Industries:

  • PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine
  • Haul-off drives of Extruder Machine
  • Cable Industry
  • Welding Rod Industry

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