Food grade conveyor belts are suitable for handling food materials, These Food Grade conveyor belts are made from PU, special raw material, Chemicals and without Carbon ,It do not transfer any odour or colour to the Conveying food products , These Food Grade belts are mostly used in sugar industry, tea industry, tobacco, grain , pharmaceuticals, tea industries in Conveyor and Elevators.


Food Grade Belts Application:

With popular applications including industry sectors like sugar, tea, and as grain elevators, these are also preferably used for –

  • Packaging Equipment
  • Low Profile Conveyors
  • Small Part Transfer
  • High Speed Conveying
  • Vacuum Applications
  • Bulk Product Conveying
  • Glass Processing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical

Features of these Food Grade Belts:

  • Belt surface does not sink that safeguards from the possibility of water collection as well as bacterial growth
  • Delivering stable belt properties under all lengths
  • Providing uniform loads and temperature sustenance properties in the belts