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      Our range of Leather Sandwich Belts is extensively used for multiple applications in various industries. Fabricated using high-density chrome leather on both the sides or one side leather with nylon fabric on the other side, these are known for their high load bearing capacity and resistance against tear.

       These Leather Sandwich Belts can take up intermittent loads with ease, hence, is widely preferred across the globe. We offer Chrome Leather Flat sandwich Belts at pocket-friendly prices.

     Our Leather sandwich Belts consist of high-quality leather friction covers with polyamide sheet as the traction layer.


  • High degree of operational efficiency, around 98%.
  • Excellent directional stability.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Constant coefficient of friction.
  • Reliable grip and excellent power transmission in dirt conditions
  • Very robust design for best shock resistance.
  • High modulus of elasticity.

Types of Leather Sandwich Belts:

  1. Leather-Leather (LL): In this type of belt both fiction layers are of chrome leather sheets and traction layer made from polyamide sheet.
  2. Leather-Fabric (LF): In this type of belt upper friction layer build from fabric, bottom friction layer consists chrome leather sheets and traction layer made from polyamide sheet.
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