Modular Conveyor Belts offer many advantages over conventional conveyor belt systems. These belts offer sturdy yet flexible design features, which are increasingly used for food processing industries.

We offer a wide range of Plastic Modular Belts with many different module designs. These Modules within individual product series can easily be combined.

As a result, Our Plastic modular Conveyor belts can be easily customized to suit individual conveying and processing tasks. Our team will help you identify the optimal solution for your particular needs and give Product according to that.


Some Benefits of modular belting:

  • Plastic Modular belts are durable, robust and can handle conveying and processing tasks which may not be possible with traditional conveyor belting materials and types.
  • When assembled and installed, modular conveyor belts are endless, but in case of any damage, individual modules can quickly be replaced, thereby minimizing production loss and maintenance costs.
  • Plastic Modular belts can be supplied in any length and width, and if needed, useful modules can be added any time so belt properties and functioning can be changed at any time without much extra cost.

Plastic Modular conveyor Belts is used successfully in a broad range of applications in industries such as:

– fruit and vegetable processing
– baked food items
– meat, seafood and poultry processing
– automotive and tire manufacturing
– logistics Industries

In these areas, These Plastic modular conveyor belts play a significant role beyond conveying.


Our Plastic modular belts can easily be customized by using modules with various surface patterns and openings.

Side guards, profiles, cleats and other components such as friction pads, Hold Down tabs and wheel stoppers can be added to most of the belt series, thereby optimizing the application.

Straight Modular Belt

Straight Modular Flat Top Belt is a general purpose light duty conveyor belts which can be used for straight line conveying and also some inclined conveying, washing, drying and drainage applications.

Combination of 2 different top surfaces and 3 different materials is available to satisfy diverse end-use demands. Accessories include vertical flights and side walls.

Pitch Available: 25mm, 50mm


  • Food Processing
  • Crates, Cartons, Jar conveying
  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Meat Processing
  • Poultry Applications

Side Flex Modular Belt

Side Flex is also a type of Modular belts. These Side flex modular belts can bend in all directions that result in enhancing the conveyor design possibilities and improve the Production.

Our Side flex belts are available with different pitch dimensions of 25 mm and 50 mm as per the application demands. Available with the turning radius of approx 2.8 times of the width, these Side flex belts are broadly used in many industries for conveying purposes.

Pitch Available: 25mm, 50mm
Material: POM/PP


  • Packaging and conveying industry
  • Beverage bottling and handling industry
  • Food and meat processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Electrical and electronics industry
  • Textile industry

Roller Top Modular belt

One Special type of Modular Belts available which is called Roller top Modular belt. These Modular belts consist of small rollers embedded on its surface that rotates whenever there is a product accumulation, avoiding crushing and abrasion in the bottom of the product.

This Roller Modular conveyor belt has been designed mainly to solve problems of conveyance of boxes, containers, etc.


  • Packaging
  • Logistics