Rubber Conveyor Belts:

We are One of the main Manufacturer of Rubber Conveyor belts, Our Rubber Conveyor belts are designed to satisfy a wide range of applications for bulk material handling.

The rubber grades of cover are specially manufactured with enhanced cut, gouge & wear properties. These Rubber Conveyor belts are generally used for transporting crushed rock, limestone, coal, iron ore, sand, cement, wood chips, furnace slag, ashes, etc.

Benefits of Our Rubber Conveyor Belts:

  • Exceptionally high adhesive levels provide a lasting bond between Rubber covers and plies.
  • Exceptional Cut and wear resistance to negotiate heavy impact of large size parts and sharp material.
  • Compounds developed to work in tough and rigorous applications providing high wear resistance to many abrasive materials.
  • Special Rubber cover compounds for conveying elevated and high speed conveying.
  • Selection of high-quality raw materials – we do not use any regenerated process oils.
  • Carcass quality and design maintain belt trough ability and longitudinal flexibility.
  • Easy to splice using standard materials and methods.
Rubber Conveyor_Belt_sidewall

Rubber Conveyor Applications:

Our Rubber Conveyor belts are widely used in mining and mining-related industries, including coal, steel, non-ferrous metal plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, food processing, and several industrial and agricultural applications.

Characteristics of Rubber Conveyor Belts:

  • General Widths: 500 mm to 2200 mm
  • Carcass Variety Available: EP / NN
  • Common Belt Rating: 200 to 1800 kN/m
  • No. of Plies: 2 to 7 ply
  • Rubber Cover Thickness: 3 mm to 25 mm (1/16” to 1”)
  • Edge: Cut/Moulded Edge
  • Splicing Method: Hot/ Cold/ Mechanical

General Duty Belts Type:


M24 Rubber Conveyor Belt –

Our range of M24 (24MPa) Rubber Conveyor Belts are wear resistant and highly resistant to cuts and gouges. These are used mainly in all mining industries and process industries such as steel (crushed metallic ores) cement (limestone), stone crushing industries.

N17 Rubber Conveyor Belts –

Our range of N17 (17Mpa) Rubber Conveyor Belts are abrasion Resistant. However applications of these Belt are not requiring the same cut and gouge resistance as compared to M24 Grade. These Rubber conveyors belts are mainly used for conveying bauxite, stone crusher, asbestos, ash, chalk, cement, lime, Surface coal, etc.

Typical Applications Of M24 Rubber Conveyor:

  • Slag conveyors
  • Stone Crusher
  • Coking conveyors
  • Broken glass/cullet
  • Coal handling plants
  • Cement, concrete plants
stone crusher-conveyor-belt.jpg
  • Sand, gravel, stone industry
  • Road construction machinery
  • Timber industry and sawmills
  • Power plants, garbage incineration plants
  • Silica sand or materials containing silica sand
  • Recycling, compost industry, mineral processing plants

Heat Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belts :


–    Suitable for conveying hot material like ashes or powder materials at high temperatures.

–    Ideal for conveying ores, cokes, boiler ashes, chemical fertilizer, slag, and foundry.

–    It can resist high temperature.

–    The rubber compound used in the Belt cover has been designed to avoid early aging due to contact with any source of heat.


Physical property indexes: Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt:

Heat resistant Conveyor belt with the EP fabric of high modulus, low shrink, and high breaking tensile strength. Heat resistant Rubber belt is premium quality SBR rubber compound with very good abrasion resistance and heat resistance to handle hot materials up to 250℃.

This type of belt has high adhesion, less elongation as well as good wearability under normal conditions and against hot materials.

  • The belt carcass of this product is generally EP fabric of high modulus, low shrink, and high breaking tensile strength.
  • Cover rubber specially compounded synthetic rubber having excellent heat resistance property.
  • Thes HR Rubber Conveyor belt is made with extra care after mixing rubber with high-temperature resistant materials, assembling, and vulcanizing.
  • The HR Rubber Conveyor belt can bear continuous 250°C even short exposures of even 350°C
  • It is suitable for use in Boiler ashes, cement, metallurgical and steel industries.

Areas of Application:

Cement works, iron and steel industry, Fly ashes and coal, Boiler ashes, chemical industries- Fertilisers, foundries, lime kilns, mining industries, stone crusher industry, salt works, public works, Glassworks, etc.

Types of HR Rubber Conveyor belts:

HR – T1:

Special rubber compound, holding high-quality SBR, helps in transportation of material such as ashes, coke, clinkers, hot limestone, in the medium temperature range, up to 120° C.

HR – T2:

EPDM rubber compound can withstand temperature up to 150°C for transportation of material such as soda ash, cement, sintered coke.

HR – T3:

Special rubber compound of operation in the very high-temperature range up to 200°C

Oil and Grease Resistant Conveyor Belt:

Oil and grease resistant Rubber conveyor belt compounded of synthetic rubber. It’s designed for conveying of oily/greasy products, such as mineral oils, vegetable, animal fats, solvents, diluted acid, etc.

Oil and grease can have a very harmful effect on the performance and life expectancy of a Rubber conveyor belt because it penetrates the rubber, causing it to swell and distort, often resulting in serious operational problems.

Areas of application:

Wood industry, Cattle feed, fertilizers plant, port installations, iron and steel industry, car industry, cereal silos, sugar factories, urban waste treatment.


Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt:

Flame retardant Rubber conveyor belts are basically needed for internal transportation within buildings and also in tunnel and mines where safety is of supreme importance, in environments where coal dust, gas, fertilizer or other flammable materials are involved, it is essential that the conveyor belt being used shouldn’t create static electricity that can ignite gases in the atmosphere.

This type belt is designed mainly:

  • To prevent the spread of an accidental fire.
  • To guard against explosion due to the accumulation of static electricity.

Areas of application:

Mining industry, Fly ashes, Boiler ashes, coal cleaning plants, power plants, electric utilities.

Cold Resistance Rubber Conveyor Belt:

These Rubber Conveyor belt can be supplied in cotton canvas, nylon or EP as carcass. Rubber Cover is a compound of NR and BR, which has high elasticity, cold resistance, shock resistance, etc., It can work even at -40°C.

Usage: Suitable for moving materials in freezing area or cold storage.


Chemical Resistance Rubber Conveyor Belt:

In this type of Rubber Conveyor Belts, Rubber cover, which is made from chemical resistant materials, has good physical property and fine anti-chemical corrosiveness.

 It is specifically made from those materials which dissolve expand or erode the belt.

It is suitable for carrying material with chemical corrosiveness in fertilizer industry, chemical factory, paper mills, mining industry etc.

Chevron Conveyor Belts:

  • An excellent choice for high-capacity conveying at steep angles to prevent load slip or product rollback.
  • Cleats integrally molded on the top Rubber Cover preventing separation from the belt.
  • A large range of Chevron designs and various patterns available.
  • Molded Cleats made with high abrasion resistance and elastic rubber compounds.
  • Various cleats height and width are available depending on the various application.

Chevron Rubber Conveyor belts manufacture, in all cover grades, viz. Abrasion Resistant M24, HR, OR, FR, White Hygienic, etc.

Applications of Chevron Conveyor Belt:

  • Wood Chips
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Heavy Duty Scrap Metal                     
  • Minerals – Coal and Ore
  • Materials – Fine Coal and Grains
  • Waste and Recycling Plants
  • Stone Crushing Industries
  • Bagged Materials
  • Steel Pellets