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    We offer a full range of Timing belts and the relevant iron ware with a good proportion available from stock. We use mainly manufacturers but also search from our contacts around the world to meet all the requirements of our customers for the price, quality, and availability.

   We supply standard and custom Rubber and PU Timing belts for a variety of applications. Offering substrates that include rubber and pu, with a wide range of modifications and cover options available.

    We stock only a few popular sizes we can offer the full range on a next day service. The range offered is too large to list in its entirety here, specifically when we source from different manufacturers, however, we can assist with any information you require very promptly.

Construction of Timing Belt:

    The majority of these toothed Timing belt sections listed alongside can be obtained in either rubber or a PU with steel or Aramid (Kevlar) cording. Dealing directly with the manufacturing plants allows us to offer the right item for your requirement.

  1. Top Surface: wear resistant chloroprene rubber compound
  2. Tension glass fibers
  3. Base: sheer resistant chloroprene rubber compound
  4. Cover nylon cover


  • High-efficiency factor and Extreme tensile strength
  • Extraordinarily resistance on cold & and ozone
  • Excellent aging resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Slip-free transmission and low noise

Common Types of Timing Belts:

  • PolyUrethane Timing Belt
  • Rubber Timing Belt
  • Special Coated Timing Belt
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