We are one of the leading Treadmill Belt manufacturers, these Belts are made from PVC material with a Pattern on Top to provide friction.

These Belts are use in treadmills, also known as running belts in the fitness industry. Our treadmill belts have high anti-static property, low noise & very high wear resistance which ensures longer working life. Its also known as Jogger Belt, Cardio Vascular Belt & Running Belt.

These treadmill belts run free of any wax-related build-ups on decks or pulleys, and provide low and constant energy consumption. Customers also profit from their excellent tracking, high dimensional stability and durability, and attractive appearance.


Detailed Product Description

* 2-ply 2.5mm thick PVC

* Lozenge structured top

* Polyester Low noise Fabric

* Bottom (Antistatic)

* Application : Gym, Fitness Industry