PTFE (Teflon) Mesh Belt:

     PTFE open mesh belting is ideally suited for conveying products within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimized moisture removal to take place and is commonly used within ultraviolet and infrared dryer units.
     Open PTFE Mesh belt is available in brown or with a black U.V. block coating for ultraviolet drying. The fluorocarbon (Teflon) resins provide these belts exceptional strength and dimensional stability.
     Its non-stick surface, operating temperature range from -100°F to +550°F and the 70% open area makes this belting the perfect solution for many drying applications.

Feeder Belts:

     Feeder Belts are extensively used in paper folding and glueing industries for better performance. These Feeder Belts are widely acknowledged for excellent flexibility, optimum grip and premium friction with excellent abrasion resistance.
     These rubber belts are mainly used in a feeder of carton folding, it helps in friction feeding of mono cartons made up of a duplex board.
     Linatex coating can be done on these Feeder Belts from 35 to 95 shore. These Feeder Belts are acknowledged for hardness and available in 6 mm. to 10 mm. thickness.

EPDM Rubber Coating:

     EPDM RUBBER is ideal for various applications because of its excellent resistance to ozone, oxidants, and severe weather conditions. Other outstanding characteristics of EPDM RUBBER include excellent color stability, heat resistance, and dielectric qualities. EPDM offers many of the advantages of neoprene, at a lower cost.
     We offer EPDM coating on various surfaces like rubber nylon belt, fabric, PU and PVC belts also. Thickness always available is 6 mm and 10mm. These coated belts used in packaging and pharmaceutical industries for labeling purpose of bottle.

PU Round Belts:

     Round belts serve as efficient drive elements in both precision tool and machinery manufacturing. Our Round belts have also proven their reliability as drive elements for live roller conveyor repeatedly. Their great flexibility and elasticity make any turn possible.
     Round belts are available with smooth and rough surfaces and reinforced with polyester, aramid or glass fibers. These belts are extremely flexible and at the same time resistant to chemical materials like fats and lubricants.

Pasting Solution and Jointing Press:

     We offer highly efficient adhesive for all type od nylon sandwich items i.e Rubber, fabric, leather, EPDM etc. All Adhesives are different for each quality and came in different measurement too. Please confirm quality before ordering any adhesives.
     Our firm also delivers high-quality Jointing press with an inbuilt electronic system and auto-cut features. Press available in different sizes which depend on the quality of friction layer you are jointing. Sizes of these equipment vary from 50mm to 300mm.