We Manufacturer special EPDM coated Labeling Machine Belts which is also known as Massage belts.

EPDM RUBBER is ideal for various applications because of its excellent resistance to ozone, oxidants, and severe weather conditions. Other outstanding characteristics of EPDM RUBBER include excellent color stability, heat resistance, and dielectric qualities. EPDM offers many of the advantages of neoprene, at a lower cost.

     We offer EPDM sponge coating on various surfaces like rubber nylon belt, fabric, PU and PVC belts also. Thickness always available is 6 mm and 10mm. These Sponge EPDM coated belts used in packaging and pharmaceutical industries for labeling purpose of bottle.

Massage Belts Ajaybelting
Sponge EPDM Rubber Belts ajaybelting
EPDM Rubber Belts Ajaybelting