Our spindle tapes have been setting the benchmarks for Machine Tapes for decades and are in demand by customers all around India. These spindle tapes were developed through intensive cooperation with a leading machine manufacturer with bases in Switzerland, Japan and India. These consist of 2 outer layers of fabric sandwiched to nylon. They feature the ability to handle spindle speeds over 20,000 rpm, no fiber fly accumulation, and a long and reliable service life.

Our Machine Spindle Tapes have:

  • A permanent antistatic property
  • Coating on pulley faces made of wear-resistant polyurethane
  • Impregnated, wear-resistant fabric construction on the wharves faces


     Spindle Tapes We Provide are Layered with Fabric Meant for Gripping and 100% Polyamide for Giving Strength. The Bottom Layer of Our Machine Tapes is Blended with Fabric of Natural Fiber Strengthening Its Heat Absorbent Properties. Spindle Tapes are available in different colors as red-red, green-green, green-yellow etc.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Paper Printing
  • Lamination
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